Change The Record // Record The Change

We're very proud of that motto. 

We are a not-for-profit group of music lovers and music makers who want to help new music to change the world for the better in both musical content and delivery. Rather than shunning or regretting the new era of digital music, we at Lifelines Music want to embrace and harness it as a way of delivering music rapidly without hurting the planet. We are here to help great new music written about issues of conscience or compassion see the light of day. We are about sharing new songs, helping their writers and performers present them in the best light and sharing free advice for artists trying to find their way through the new music business. In time, we hope to be a one-stop shop: a label, a community, a podcast, and an unequalled source of friendly advice for those starting out. We are contributing articles about all aspects of the music business as we have experienced it and welcome feedback comments and corrections from all. We welcome new contributors too, so if you’d like to submit an article about your experience of today’s industry which fits our aims we’d welcome it. We are not about making money. We are about helping you to spread the word about your excellent music in a compassionate and environmentally friendly way. And if you follow some of the free articles on our website you should be able to set up your music making to bring you something of an income stream in these “post physical sales” days and take on the world.

Thanks for submitting!